A Walkthrough to the Finishing Area of Crystal Heart

Crystal Heart is a fresh setting for your favorite Savage Worlds role playing game. It is based on the current story in a webcomic, that has been going for many years now. You can now have fun with it too and get the thrills that you are used to getting from Savage World’s dice and card games! If you’re looking for something new and exciting when playing Savage Worlds, then this is one of the things that you should consider.

In this new webcomic, the players enter the picture after the events of the previous arc. Two of their characters, named Gabriel and Madison, get into an argument over the meaning of fate. When Madison wins the argument and declares her full faith in destiny, the others are quickly back at square one. As luck would have it though, they get trapped in the Crystal Heart of the World, and are about to behead the evil Doctor Drakken.

You’ll notice right away that Crystal Heart has a few differences from the traditional Savage fare. First, on each of your turns, instead of rolling dice, you’ll flip a die and deal three dashes instead. Also, instead of randomly choosing a location where you will end up during your turn, you will choose a destination during a specific turn. Your action icons will change, but your focus symbol will always be on the crystal heart, and your exit action will always be performed on your turn.

The adventure in Crystal Heart follows Drakken’s search for the mystical crystal heart. Heading west, Drakken meets some locals who are also searching for the crystal heart. The locals are called the Laser Beetles, and they are led by the bounty hunter Hockney. Together, they discover a portal into the other world known as the Outback. From Outback, Drakken must battle the evil Doctor Drakken, rescue the kidnapped Crystal Gems, and travel through strange tunnels to reach the heart of the world, where the crystal gems reside.

Although it doesn’t take too long to reach the end, the journey there is quite exciting. As you near the endgame, you’ll find a puzzle entrance guarded by three laser beetles. Your goal is to shoot all three of them, but you have to do so without taking any damage. Once the beetles arrive in the crystal heart, the game switches to a time-based adventure. This means you only have a certain amount of time to complete the mission, and you have to move as quickly as possible to keep from taking damage and allowing the beetles to kill you.

In the time-limited adventure, you will see that there are three possible paths you can take. Your first choice leads to the Crystal Heart, but the second path takes you head left and leads to the exit grid. The last alternative route takes you head right into the final battle. At the end of this battle, you’ll discover a save point which will restore your progress if you had managed to save before entering the last battle. In the end, you will find the entrance to Drakken’s Den, where you can continue your adventure. Now that you know where to head back to in case you get stuck, you should be able to start enjoying the rest of the game!